About Us

Spire Brewing Company was established in December 2014 keeping alive the brand name from a previous brewery which ceased trading in 2014.

Our mission...

“to craft a diverse range of consistent good quality real ales which can be enjoyed by all beer drinkers, with varied tastes, providing ‘a beer for you".

We believe the first step to success for any manufacturer is to achieve consistency in your product. Since commencement of brewing in 2014 our focus has been to develop a core range of beers and have in place the necessary controls and processes to ensure we can brew these beers time and time again with the same quality output. We believe we have now reached that milestone.

We commissioned or new 15bbl brewing equipment in September 2015 which immediately provided us with far greater control over the brewing process. The installation of semi automatic bottling equipment soon followed and we now produce all our core craft real ales in bottles, all of which, except the Jailbreak IPA are bottle conditioned.  

In January 2016 we started to produce a beer for one of our clients to sell into Italian restaurants in the East Midlands/Yorkshire regions and in August 2016 we started to package this beer as an unfiltered product into KeyKeg's. Something which we are looking into doing for some of our core beer range.

July 2016 saw the opening of the brewery's own tap bar, "The Snug" . This is actually based within the brewery itself so don't expect wood panelling, when its not open, the fork lift travels through it.

If you get the opportunity, please try our beers and come to visit us at The Snug, constructive feedback is always welcome.