Online Shop

Welcome to our online shop. Currently the beers on sale via the shop are all in cases of 12. We do sell gift boxes with 3 beers of your choice but these need to be either ordered via the phone or email (see delivery below) and must be collected.

All our beers with the exception of Jailbreak are bottle conditioned. This means it has a small amount of yeast in the bottom. Our bottling and conditioning process endeavours to ensure as much yeast as possible sticks to the bottom of the bottle, so in most cases the bottle can be poured normally into a glass, provided the bottle has not been shaken beforehand. In some cases there may be small amounts of yeast which may get into the glass. While this may make the beer appear a little hazy it will not affect the taste of the beer. If concerned, pour slowly into a glass and leave the last few millilitres in the bottom of the bottle.
Whiter Shade


Price includes delivery of one case to the UK mainland and excludes Northern Ireland and the Scottish Isles. Please email for delivery prices for these excluded areas or where you wish to order more than one case. Delivery will be within 4-5 days after the day the order was placed.

Alternatively orders can be emailed via; telephoned on 01246 807940 or simply bought from the brewery between 9am – 5pm (Monday to Friday) or the brewery Tap bar Facebook spiresnug. For collected items, deduct £6 from the prices below.